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EuroSim has been applied since it's first release in 1996 in a range of applications. The first major use of the product was by the consortium members themselves in the European Robotic Arm (ERA) program. Since then EuroSim has been succesfully applied by various companies in a range of small and large space programs as Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), Hershel-Planck, Gaia, Euclid, Dream Chaser and NAOS. Following the successfull application in the Space market, EuroSim has also been increasingly applied in the defence domain, where it is currently been applied as in flight simulator platform for Multi-ship Embedded Training on board the F-35 Lightning II strike fighter and Korean KFX fighter aircraft. Research programs on digital twins have also started using Eurosim due to its easy integration of models as well as integration with its hardware and user environment. Following list provides more detailed information on various applications of EuroSim:

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