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The EuroSim consortium offers a range of products. As base product, customers can purchase a EuroSim license and install this on the computer platform they selected. EuroSim licenses are available in Desktop, Server and Runtime variants. More information on the scope of these licenses can be found on our EuroSim license page. Temporary evaluation licenses allow users to familiarise themselves with EuroSim and verify if the product matches their requirements.

There are many factors that come in to play in creating a guaranteed hard realtime solution. EuroSim depends on the capabilities of the hardware and operating system it is installed on and correct configuration of bios, kernel and interrupt settings is required to achieve hard realtime guarantees. A customer can select and purchase their own platform, tune this for real-time usage, and purchase a EuroSim license. If customers want to reduce their risk, EuroSim hard realtime systems are the answer. EuroSim Consortium members purchase the hardware, install the software as well as any additional EuroSim supported interface boards and drivers. These complete systems are integrated, tuned and verified by the consortium and delivered with a performance report containing the measured real-time characteristics. For customers that do not have a vast experience in creating real-time systems, the consortium advises to reduce the risk and purchase a EuroSim system rather then a license.

Besides the EuroSim licenses and systems, this website also promotes EuroSim Add-ons. These add-ons are independent products that either individual EuroSim consortium members or other parties have developed to extend or enhance EuroSim's capabilities. Currently this consists of the MOSAIC matlab to Eurosim model convertor, the OpenIGS 3D visualization tool, the ESPRiT Front-End solutions and ESPRiT TmTc Front-Ends. These products are licensed and delivered separately from EuroSim, and have their own arrangements for pricing, maintenance and support. The EuroSim helpdesk can support you in establishing the contacts and advising the correct versions.

Your EuroSim product purchase can also be accompanied with a variety of services to gain the most out of your product. A full training program is available to teach you every aspecty of developing and using real-time simulators with EuroSim. Maintenance contracts are provided to gain access to support and latest releases. And consultancy services can provide experienced consortium employees for on site support on every aspect of EuroSim application. Please see the Services page for more information.

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