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  • 27-11-2017 Mk6.5 Distributions Now Available

    The new EuroSim Mk6.5 distribution is now available. We have backported many of the improvements to the Mk6.3 while the 6.4 and 6.5 were being released because there are some interface changes in the 6.5. If you want to upgrade please consult the helpdesk as we expect to release a 6.6 which has some improvements that could not be performed in the 6.5 due to running projects.

  • 27-11-2017 Mk6.3 Distributions Now Available

    The new EuroSim Mk6.3 distribution is now available. Due to the Euclid and DreamChaser projects we have had a fast evolution of features and resolved various problems. In particular we added various forms of mil bus logging to the Mil1553 front end models and improved the support for enumerated types in recording and stimuli as well as the transformation of these from Matlab Simulink.

  • 01-04-2017 Mk6.1 Distributions Now Available

    The new EuroSim Mk6.1 distribution is now available. The 6.1 further extends the 6.0 on the Mil1553 bus interface. In cooperation with AIM we further extended the driver with hard realtime access methods. The 6.1 is capable of supporting multiple busses over multiple multistream boards. It also support not only the remote terminal side, but also the bus controller side. The ThermoMra example has been extended and utilizes the plugin. As a consequence of using the plugin technology it becomes possible to further minimize the variety in schedule files as the dependency on the hardware is shielded from EuroSim. The sasme plugin solution also applies to the Discrete Front-End. Current developments at Airbus are on providing the plugin for the Euclid program, making the interfacing with Airbus ESPRiT discrete front-ends much easier for the future.

  • 01-12-2016 Mk6.0 Distributions Now Available

    The new EuroSim Mk6.0 distributions is now available. This upgrtade provides many new features including support to start a simulator in the debugger and integrated display of timing in the simulation controller. Furthermore we added a brand new model architecture approach designed for EGSE and based on the succesful GAIA simulator developments. The solution extends the native C++ API. This API now also includes Front-End models which separate the equipment models from the specific Front-End hardware and making the interface with equipment a lot easier.

  • 24-03-2015 Mk5.3 Distribution Now Available

    The new EuroSim Mk5.3 distributions are now available. This upgrade features many improvements, including an improvement on the Development editors: Project Manager, ModelEditor, ModelDescriptionEditor, ParameterExchangeEditor, CalibrationEditor. The latter three are now subeditors of the ModelEditor and have improved integration. The ParameterExchangeEditor also supports Calibrations on dataflows.

    We also started to restructure the Software User Manual. The restructure is complete and the Reference Volumes have substantially improved. The User Guide volume has been expanded with TroubleShooting information, we look forward to further improving this guide with information from our training courses.

    The C++ interface has been further expanded with the Port an Channel metafore implementation, making it easy to connect models. A graphical support for this feature is high on our wish list and will be picked up in the Mk6

    The Mk6 will follow shortly in beta release. The rationale for releasing a Mk5.3 instead of upgrading to Mk6 is that we had many improvements that were not requiring adjustements that break the backward compatibility. Mk6 will make some steps that require an update in some file formats and the daemon interface.

  • 09-03-2014 Mk5.2 Distributions Now Available

    The new Eurosim Mk5.2 distributions are now available. This upgrade mainly focusses on supporting new platforms, though we also have resolved software problems, imrproved the native C++ interface and added Enterprise Architect UML transformations and codegeneration capabilities.

    The EuroSim for Linux distributions now support RedHawk 6.3 32 and 64 bits versions for the Concurrent Realtime platform and Scientific Linux/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 32 and 64 bits versions including the MRG kernel for other PCs. For the Concurrent computers we can deliver guaranteed realtime systems. The Scientific/Red Hat linux distributions are "do it yourself" solutions, where EuroSim is capable of achieving realtime behavior but such depends on the qualities of your platform and its tuning. Other distributions can be supported at additional cost as we have to integrate that in our regression testing infrastructure. (See EuroSim Products ) for more information on supported platforms, licenses and systems.

    Our EuroSim for Windows release has also greatly improved under the hood, now supporting 32 and 64 bits Windows 7. We no longer rely on the Cygwin suite and have upgraded to modern versions of tools such at the MinGW compiler suite version 4.8, and greatly improved the installation using installers based on Inno Setup. The EuroSim for Windows application is still a 32-bit application but runs out of the box on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. Note that we consider EuroSim 5.2.1 still a beta release as we particularly expect that the installers will run into some unforeseen installations of Windows in combination with networks. We offer customers the ability to try out this windows 7 version for this purpose and expect to improve with patch releases..

    EuroSim owners that have maintenance contract on their licence can now download this new EuroSim version (5.2.1).

  • 25-06-2013 Mk5.1 Distributions Now Available

    The new Eurosim Mk5.1 distributions are now available. In this distribution we have integrated our Enterprise Architect UML Extension and documented its usage in the User Manual. This release also marks the return of Eurosim for Windows. With a complete rehaul of our build environment we are now providing a complete new build with updated tools and components and able to run on Windows7. The installation is simplified with a new installer that you can run from your provided software download section on our website. Due to the variety in PCs and software that can interfere with EuroSim operation, we do see the 5.1 as a beta stage for EuroSim. Feedback from customers and partners will be used to solve further problems and provided via the 5.2 release already anticipated for August (64-bit versions).

  • 14-10-2012 Mk5 Distributions

    The new Eurosim Mk5 distributions are now available. The website has been updated to better serve the customer in requesting the right version of the product. EuroSIm Mk5 is available for Concurrent Redhawk 6 and 5, Redhat EL 6 and 5 and fedora core 10. The windows XP version is expected soon, the windows 7 version is anticipated to come available with release 5.1

  • 29-09-2012 Mk5 Presentation

    The new Eurosim Mk5 suite has been demonstrated at SESP. The following presentation provides an overview of the new products and services that are introduced with Mk5: EuroSim Mk5 Products & Services.

  • 15-09-2012 Visit us at SESP2012

    The EuroSim Consortium will showcase three different setups at the SESP 2012 conference. We welcome all conference members to see demonstrations of the new EuroSim Mk5 features and OpenIGS2 visualization products. In addition a demonstration using Concurrent computers and National Instruments interface card in combination with EuroSim Mk5 and the Terma TCS will demonstrate hard realtime capabilities.

  • 15-09-2012 Website update for Mk5.0

    Anticipating the release of our EuroSim Mk5 version at the Simulation and EGSE for Space Programmes conference held from 25-27 September at ESA/Estec,Noordwijk, The Netherlands, we updated our website. You will find that the products, services and support pages have been extended.

  • 26-04-2012: MOSAIC 9 released

    A new version of the Model-Oriented Software Automatic Interface Converter (MOSAIC) has been released. MOSAIC is now at version 9, supporting MATLAB R2010b and Eurosim Mk4.4. See the MOSAIC add-on page for details.

  • 26-04-2012: ESA/Estec Final Presentation Days Software Division April 2012

    Jeroen Moelands and Johan Kos from the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) presented the results of the study Standard Compliance of EuroSim, in which EuroSim's SMP2 support has been completed. For more details, see the presentation EuroSim SMP2 Compliance.

  • 11-04-2012: GGNCSim now officially released

    The Generic Guidance, Navigation and Control Simulator (GGNCSim) is a toolbox that allows a developer to build a Guidance, Navigation and Control simulation model that is usable from both Matlab/Simulink and EuroSim. The tool has been used by Airbus Defence and Space and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in major space projects and is now made available to customers. See the Generic Guidance, Navigation and Control Simulator Addon page for more information.

  • 20-12-2011: EuroSim 4.4 released

    The consortium has released a new version of EuroSim. The brand new EuroSim 4.4 features extensive support for the ESA Simulation Modeling Support version 2 standard. Version 4.4 is now available for Redhawk 5.4, Redhat Enterprise 5 and 6, and Fedora Core 10. Other releases can be provided on request. More information can be found in the EuroSim Software User Manual, available via the Support page on this website.

  • 02-12-2011: Turkish Aerospace Industries engineers 4-star EuroSim certified

    After their initial training up to Developer level at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, the team of engineers from Turkish Aerospace Industries returned on 30 November to Airbus DS to complete their EuroSim training up to Specialist level. The benefit of training at Airbus Defence and Space NL is that we can provide some 'expert' sessions, where we ask available experienced engineers to give a presentation about their work or specialist area in relation to EuroSim. This time we were lucky to have Chris Skluzacek from Cesium Software to talk about the brand new OpenIGS2 visualisation tool that is scheduled for release in January, and Erik Schenkeveld from Airbus DS to explain and demonstrate the new GGNCSim add-on also scheduled for release in January 2012. Besides these presentations, the team of engineers from TAI were invited by ESA/Estec in Noordwijk for a demonstration of the Avionics Test Bench, which is a good example of the use of EuroSim in the project lifecycle of avionics sytem development. For more information on EuroSim courses please see the EuroSim Training web pages. If you have an interest in attending a course, either with your team in your own class, or by joining an open class, please contact us and let us know.

  • 31-10-2011: Update of EuroSim web pages

    The consortium is in the process of updating the webpages. Our first focus is to restructure, update and complete all information, before we start focussing on a more modern look and feel. The structural improvements have improved the overview of what we cover, distinctioning between products and services. For the products we are now working on extending our product suite in licenses, systems and partner products. Where previously only licenses were available, we now are working on providing a wider range of products to help customers getting started quickly.
    For services our main focus has been on the definition of the new set of courses, which are now completely explained in the training web pages. Several companies have already attended the full training program and have provided positive feedback on what they learned and exercised with. We added some pictures of classes and newly EuroSim certified engineers, as well as a hall of fame where the certification level for those that attended the new course series can be found.
    Finally we have further enlarged the set of resoures we offer in support of customers. The support page contains papers, presentations, manuals, frequently asked questions and HW/SW requirements information. In addition we have added the release plan to provide customers an indication what they can expect in upcoming releases.

  • 22-10-2011: NARRS engineers 4-star EuroSim certified

    After their initial training in EuroSim up to Developer level at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, the training for the engineers of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences continued at NARRS headquarters from 18-22 October in Cairo, Egypt. The engineers attended the Software- and Hardware in the Loop courses and earned the 4-star EuroSim Specialist level certification. For more information please see the EuroSim Training web pages

  • 14-09-2011: EuroSim Mk4.3 released

    After formal tests, EuroSim Mk4.3 is now available on Linux.

    A brief summary of the main new features in EuroSim Mk4.3:

    • Completion of C++ model API
    • Esim services for runtime querying of memory usage and processor load

    The following Linux distributions are supported for Mk4.3:

    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.0
    • Redhawk 5.4
    • Fedora 10

    The above distributions are of the shelf available. Other distributions are possible on request, though we recommend to use the above distributions as these are in continuous use within the consortium. EuroSim Mk4.3 will not be provided for Windows XP in anticipation of the Windows 7 release. Irix is no longer supported for new EuroSim releases as no customers are anticipated for sgi

  • 09-09-2011: Turkish Aerospace Engineers 4-star EuroSim certified

    From Tuesday September 6th, to Friday September 9th 4 engineers from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) attended a 4 day training consisting of the Foundation, Developer and brand new Software-in-the-Loop courses at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands premises. By completing this intensive training they have earned the 4-star EuroSim Specialist level certification. We are looking forward to complete the training series at TAI premises with the Runtime and Hardware-in-the-Loop courses For more information please see the EuroSim Training web pages

  • 23-06-2011: First 4-star EuroSim specialists graduated

    From Tursday June 16th, to Wednesday June 23rd another 5 day EuroSim courseweek was held at Airbus Defence and Space premises. A class of 14 engineers attended a sequence of Foundation, Runtime, Developer and Hardware-in-the-Loop courses. Having attended the brand new Hardware in the loop course, these engineers are now the first group that achieved the 4-star Specialist status. For more information please see the EuroSim Training web pages

  • 20-05-2011: Dasia2011

    From Tuesday May, 17th to May20th the 2011 Edition of the DASIA took place. Airbus Defence and Space presented the paper Application of EuroSim in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Embedded Training solution . The presentation is also available via this website (presentation)

  • 29-10-2010: Brand new EuroSim Mk4.2 courses released

    From October 25th to 28th a class of engineers from Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, NLR, Task 24 and special guest Dong-Young Rew from KARI (Korean Space Research Institute) attended the brand new EuroSim Training Program courses. Though lessons were learned, the conclusions is that the new Foundation, Runtime and Developer course are a major step forward in EuroSim training. Students concluded that having learned the concepts, procedures and best practices, they now feel confident that they can perform the tasks of developing and using EuroSim simulators.

    For more information please see the EuroSim Training web pages

  • 04-10-2010: SESP 2010

    From Tuesday 28 September to Thursday 30 September the SESP 2010 has been held. There were six presentations that discuss simulators using EuroSim, tools interfacing with Eurosim or are about EuroSim itself.

    • EuroSim Strategy, Developments and Features (presentation)
    • Tool-based Analysis of Space Domain Simulators (paper)
    • Flexible Hardware In the Loop Configuration in Spacecraft Test Benches (paper)
    • OpenIGS 2:A Non-intrusive Middleware Framework for the Integration of Application and Simulation Components. (presentation)(paper)
    • Automated Working Environment for Test and Simulation (AWETS) (paper)
    • Push and pull of SMP2 compliant models (presentation)(paper)

  • 01-10-2010: EuroSim Mk4.2 released

    After formal tests, EuroSim Mk4.2 is now available on Linux and Windows XP. Irix will follow shortly.

    A brief summary of the main new features in EuroSim Mk4.2:

    • C++ model API
    • Embedded EuroSim
    • Additional SMP2 support, now supporting Assembly, Schedule, Catalog and Package
    • The following Linux distributions have been added:
      • Fedora 10
      • SUSE Linux 11
      • Ubuntu

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