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Ozone Monitoring Instrument Simulator
Ozone Monitoring Instrument Simulator


The objective of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Simulator was to demonstrate the feasibility and capabilities of the OMI instrument. The aim was to demonstrate the use of simulation to provide users with instrument data in order for them to develop applications before the instrument is being launched. All relevant on-board systems are simulated. The focus was on a realistic Ozone Monitoring Instrument model and the ozone model itself.


With the OMI Simulator the intention was to demonstrate the application of simulation during the pre-feasibility phases of instrument development. The instrument used for the demonstration is the Ozone Monitoring Instrument, under development by Airbus Defence and Space. The model output represents the instrument output. This data is prepared for distribution to potential end users. In the demonstration a potential end user finds the OMI data on the World Wide Web en requests an image. The project has been sponsored by the Netherlands Aerospace Institute (NIVR).

Role of EuroSim

The OMI Simulator has been build using EuroSim and is part of a major objective to to develop means to use simulation during all phases of a project. One of the results of the OMI Simulator was that it showed the need for low cost platform versions of EuroSim, particularly in early phases of projects where there is no hardware in the loop.
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