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Herschel-Planck ACMS SCOE
Herschel-Planck ACMS SCOE


To support development and verification of the Herschel and Planck Attitude Control and Measuring System (ACMS), several simulation facilities were developed by Airbus Defense and Space B.V. These facilities support the full lifecycle onboard software (OBS) development from Matlab/Simulink, OBS integration in a simulated environment, and the eventual integration and test in combination with the platform avionics. These simulators include pure software simulators, with and without the target processor (ERC32) in the loop, and full real-time special checkout equipments for the ACMS and CDMU.


Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. has been selected prime contractor for the Attitude Control and Measuring System (ACMS) of the Herschel and Planck satellites. These developments had a strong background in earlier developments of test environments for ISO, Beppo-SAX, and XMM-Integral AOCS systems, and the European Robotic Arm programme. The Special Checkout Equipment (SCOE) for Herschel-Planck have a very reliable track record, and were used as the basis for further highly modular SCOE and real-time simulator developments.

Role of EuroSim

The realtime simulation facilities have been developed using EuroSim. The control algorithms have been developed using the Generic Guidance Naviation and Control Simulator. Models were coded in C and integrated using early versions of EuroSim's SIMINT capabilities. The SCOEs for Herschel-Planck are SCOS2000 controlled. The interfaces are Mil-Std-1553B and a variety of custom analogue and digital interfaces; the time-base is IRIG-B. Mil1553 cards by AIM were used, inserted in a MIL1553 Front-End connected via a PCI-VME bridge to the realtime simulator PC hardware opering EuroSim on Linux.

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