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F-35 MultiShip Embedded Training
F-35 MultiShip Embedded Training


To support pilot training anytime, anywhere, the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Lightning II will be the first operational fighter aircraft with an embedded training capability. This embedded training capability overlays the real-world with onboard generated virtual air- and surface threats in training flights, allowing more effective usage of aircraft flight hours, and provide training capabilities anytime, anywhere. Airbus Defence and Space and NLR were awarded the contract in 2009 and will deliver the software for integration to Lockheed Martin in 2012. EuroSim played an essential role in both the development cycle as well as onboard software for this capability.


After the demonstration of Embedded Training on an F-16 MLU in 2004, and studies and demonstration of MultiShip Embedded Training in 2007, Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands and NLR were awarded the contract to develop Mutliship Embedded Training for the F-35. The Multiship Embedded Training software will be integrated into this 5th generation fighter aircraft and utilize the F-35 inflight datalinks to provide the participating pilots in the mission with a common inflight generated synthetic training environment. The Embedded Training application will generate both surface and airthreat that operate and react to the F-35s according to scenarios that were created before flight using a ground based application that is integrated in the mission planning software.

Role of EuroSim

EuroSim served as the Development- and Run-Time environment for the F-35 MultiShip Embedded Training programme. EuroSim supported the integration of complex simulation models and their execution, both on a powerfull multiprocessor development server as on the single processor board emulating the allocated environment in the F-35. A tool chain was created by the consortium that integrates Enterprise Architect, Eclipse, EuroSim, Embedded EuroSim and Doxygen. This automated toolchain produces the target software, development and test versions and technical documentation. The paper Application of EuroSim in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Embedded Training solution provides more information.

EuroSim's built in debuging and analysis features helped the development team to create the software within timing and memory constraints. EuroSim's support for test automation based on python scripting was essential in regression, integration and qualification testing. The features added for Embedded Training were integrated in EuroSim and released with version 4.3.

F-35 MultiShip Embedded Training was jointly developed by partners NLR and Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands.

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