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The purpose of Simulation is usually to obtain either test results or a training effect. To achieve the desired result, the process of Simulation includes a number of activities, besides the execution of the simulation itself. Eurosim is a complete real-time simulation environment to support these activities.

Simulation-related activities range from the initial task of developing an application model that replicates a real world system, to the final task of analysing the simulation results. The figure shows these activities for a generic Simulation Process.

Topic 1

  • Model development: The user, who does not have to be a simulation specialist, develops or is involved in the development of the source code for an application model and the associated files such as geometry data for image generation, definition of the operator screen, and interfaces with hardware devices.
  • Simulator composition: From the various subsystem models and subsystem model options available, the user selects the relevant source codes, and composes these into a system-representation that is to be simulated. Such a particular system-representation is indicated here as "a simulator".
  • Simulation execution: The test conductor is responsible for setting up and controlling the execution of the simulation run according to the predefined scenario. The test conductor can also modify the scenario at any time while the test is running, for example, to introduce failures. Test subjects, such as hardware or persons, may be included in the simulation loop. Also separate subsystems and remote facilities may be connected to the simulation.
  • Results analysis: The results of the simulation run are processed and analysed, and images from the simulation run can be replayed.
  • Facility management: The facility and the various applications are maintained under configuration control. This includes a library of all validated application models, which can be accessed and reused by any simulation developer.
The EuroSim-environment provides an 'open' simulation platform, which means that the user can integrate into Eurosim an application model developed using a facility other than Eurosim . For instance, the model source code can be automatically generated by a design tool outside the Eurosim environment and 'ported', with a minimum amount of effort, into the real-time simulation environment.

The following pages provide further detail on a number of the EuroSim features. In case you are interested in further details on the features included in EuroSim, please send a message containing "Request for EuroSim-features" in the Subject to EuroSim Sales Support.

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