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The Generic Guidance, Navigation and Control Simulator

GGNCSim The Generic Guidance, Navigation and Control Simulator (GGNCSim) is a toolbox that allows a developer to build a Guidance, Navigation and Control simulation model that is usable from both Matlab/Simulink and EuroSim. The toolbox provides models for Flight Dynamics, Environment models, and Math and Utility functions. The Flight Dynamics can be calculated for rigid body models and flexible body models. Because the algorithms in the toolbox are written in C, the model is suitable for hard real-time simulations in EuroSim. Wrapper code to link the algorithm functions to Simulink S functions is also provided, allowing the same model to be used from Matlab/Simulink.

In Simulink GGNCSim is a design simulator where the user can easily model his GNC control algorithms and equipment models in simulink and connect that to the GGNCSim Flight, Dynamics and environment model. Once the performance of this system is as desired, the models can be transfered to a EuroSim based simulator to include more aspects of the spacecraft. This can be a soft realtime Software Verification Facility (SVF) with the onboard software runnning on a simulated onboard computer, or a Hardware in the loop Facility (HILF) with the real onboard computer connected to the simulator. The same complex GGGNCSim Flight Dynamics and Environment models are now used as C models in EuroSim, guaranteeing that it is exactly the same as used in the Simulink setup. The equipment models in Simulink can be transferred to EuroSim using Simulink Coder or Embedded Coder. In EuroSim they are embedded in unit models which cover both the mathematical component transfered from Simulink as well as the electronics interface component typically programmed in C or C++.

The models in de GGNCSim have been validated and the toolbox has been used internally by Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in projects as Herschell Planck and ConeXpress. The toolbox comes with documentation and is supplied with a small demo model to illustrate its application.

Status: Though the toolbox has been used internally by Airbus DS and NLR for several years, it was not released to other companies. After a recent update this product is now available to external customers.

Procurement: GGNCSim Licenses are provided free of charge by Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. The delivery has the form of a binary library with documentation. Support/maintenance can be purchased via a separate contract with Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. Details can be found in the Standard GGNCSIM GeneralTerms and Conditions and GGNCSim license form available via this web page. To order GGNCSim please fill in the GGNCSim license form, scan it, and send as pdf to the EuroSim helpdesk. Please contact the EuroSim helpdesk for more information.

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