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EuroSim Licenses
A EuroSim license gives the licensee the right to install and run the EuroSim software on a single specific computer.

Four types of licenses are available:
  • Desktop licenses are perpetual, user and node locked licenses for soft realtime simulation. A desktop license includes the fully functional EuroSim Software, but is limited to a single user and soft realtime execution only. The Desktop license is ideal for model and simulator developers in smaller projects. Upgrading the Desktop license to a Workstation or Server license is possible at the cost of the price difference and an administration fee.
  • Workstation licenses are perpetual, user and node locked licenses for hard realtime simulation. The workstation license includes the fully functional EuroSim Software, is limited to a single user but includes hard realtime execution to exploit the capabilities of more powerfull workstation hardware. The Workstation license is ideal for smaller projects where at most one user is working with the system, but requires full life cycle support including realtime execution. Upgrading the Workstation license to a Server license is possible at the cost of the price difference and an administration fee.
  • Server licenses are perpetual, multi user, node locked licenses, With a server license a team of developers can work simultaneously on a powerfull server. The number of simultaneous simulations is only limited by the capabilities and performance of the server computer. The server license includes support for hard realtime execution, which due to the claiming of resources and possibility of interference is limited to on hard realtime simulation at any time.
  • Runtime licenses are essentially deployment licenses. A test engineer can execute the simulator built by a simulator developer using either their Desktop or Server license. Using the runtime license the test engineer can either use the Simulation Controller to create simulation scenarios and interactively control and monito simulation, or can write batch execution scripts in a variety of popular languages such Perl, Python, Tcl and Java. Analysis of the results can be accomplished with the EuroSim Test Analyzer.
EuroSim Software is delivered as installable packages appropriate for the selected platform and consists of a set of executable programs plus the EuroSim Runtime Libraries, needed when generating an executable model (simulator) or connecting external software applications or hardware.

A EuroSim license includes 3 month warranty.

LINUX Licenses

Host Platform
EuroSim for Linux runs on both Intel i686 32 bit platforms as well as x86_64 64 bit patforms. All license variants are available: Desktop, Server and Runtime.

EuroSim for Linux is released for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution. This distribution can be purchased from Red Hat, or be used via its free available rebuilds Centos and Scientific Linux. For hard realtime execution a distribution with realtime kernel must be available. Guaranteed solutions are available for the Concurrent systems with Redhawk distribution. A complete system consisting of a server with RedHawk tuned for EuroSim and your selected EuroSim version pre-installed assures that you have a guaranteed hard realtime system. Alternatively you can procure a server, install the RedHat realtime kernel solution and tune the system yourself. This requires deep knowledge of system tuning and validation of realtime behavior is your own resposibility. The following versions are currently available with EuroSim:
  • Concurrent RedHawk 6.5, both 32 and 64 bit
  • Concurrent RedHawk 7.2, 64-bit
  • RedHat/Centos/Scientific Linux 6.9 32 and 64 bit
  • RedHat/Centos/Scientific Linux 6.9 with MRG RT kernel 64 bit
  • RedHat/Centos/Scientific Linux 7.3 64 bit
  • RedHat/Centos/Scientific Linux 7.3 RT kernel 64 bit
Note that we state specific minor versions, which are the OS versions we build our releases on. However, in our experience the compatibility of Red Hat releases in a major series is such that the EuroSim builds will work on any minor release number in a major series. For further advice please contact the EuroSim team. It remains possible to provide EuroSim for other distributions, though such special requests is subject to availability and may come at an additional charge. In the past EuroSim has been releases for instance for Suse as well as Ubuntu releases. If customers desire a different operating system distrubution, We recommend selection of a distribution and version that has long term support as we have seen customers struggeling with the problem that their release no longer worked on new hardware. Please contact the EuroSim consortium for further details advise and availability of releases.

Please note that when purchasing a license and integrating it with the hardware yourself, you are taking responsibility of the realtime characteristics of the system. Though EuroSim is capable of hard real-time simulation, such real-time quality is dependent on the platform that the license is installed on and and subsequent tuning of bios, kernel and driver settings. A multi-core platform is essential for hard real-time execution, but there are many more other factors to be considered in the hardware selection to achieve hard real-time guarantees.

Windows Licenses

Host Platform
EuroSim for Windows runs on Intel i686 32-bit platforms as well as x86_64 64 bit platforms (as 32 bit application). Currently only the Desktop license is available, which in our experience is also the most usefull variant as most Windows users focus on model development and have interaction with other modelling environments as priority and less need for guaranteed realtime execution.

EuroSim for Windows is currently supported on Windows 7. Customers have installed the Windows 7 release on Windows 10 distributions as well with out problems, although the EuroSim consortium does not activele tests this. We do not recommend usage of EuroSim on Windows 8, certain disk solutions tend to give problems

Please note that execution on multi-core/processor platforms is restricted to the mechanisms inherent to Microsoft Windows, no additional features are provided in EuroSim to exploit multi-core solutions for realtime abilities.. This means that multiple cores or processors can increase the performance, but will not improve real-time quality.

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