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How to evaluate EuroSim

The EuroSim consortium fully understands your need to evaluate EuroSim to assure that it meets the demands of your application. An evaluation license can be granted to allow engineers to familiarise themselves with the product and try its capabilties in various conditions.

Generally such evaluation license is a fully functional desktop license that is valid for up to 3 months. The EuroSim evaluation license version is available for either Linux Redhat 6.1 32-bit or Windows 7. Deviation from this standard evaluation delivery is at the discretion of the EuroSim sales representative and subject to availability of such releases.

To request an evaluation license, please fill in the evaluation license form and send it to the EuroSim helpdesk (esim-support @ eurosim.nl). The applicable terms and conditions are available on this page as well.

In response to your signed and agreed license form, the helpdesk will start preparing your delivery. You will receive an account on our secure file transfer server on which you can find your signed agreement and the EuroSim software packages. This account will remain available as your portal for any secure downloads.

Your license to evaluate will terminate after the expiration date stated on your Evaluation license agreement. Your license key will expire and you are not allowed to further use the product. If you have not initiated a purchase yet, our helpdesk will contact you to gather your findings in support of our continuous product and discuss if and how can be of further assistence.

The EuroSim evaluation license does not include provisions for evaluation of the EuroSim addons. Please note that the EuroSim Addons are not owned by the EuroSim consortium. If you desire to evaluate addons, and such evaluation licenses are available, the EuroSim helpdesk will facilitate your request by contacting the addon owners for your to assure you receive the versions that relate to your EuroSim license and provide the software via your account in our secure file server. Processing of EuroSim Addons evaluation may require additional license forms to be filled in and provided to the EuroSim helpdesk. Please check your selection of EuroSim Addons on the EuroSim Addons pages for their license form and associated terms and conditions.

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