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How to purchase EuroSim products and services

This page explains our new EuroSim Mk5 procurement and delivery process from product selection and quotation up to delivery. Please provide us your questions and comments such that we can further improve our customer support through our website.

To assist you in your purchase of EuroSim we created a Purchase Guidance questionnaire to help you define your package of EuroSim products and services that best fits your current and future needs. On the basis of this list our sales representative can provide you a quote for your package, including a price breakdown to the individidual parts. For any assistence in filling in the questionnaire you can contact the EuroSim helpdesk via esim-support @ eurosim.nl. When completed, please scan your completed questionnaire and send it as email attachment to esim-info @ eurosim.nl. You will receive a quotation shortly thereafter from the sales representative and discuss directly any further refinement of your package if needed. When agreement is reached you will receive an invoice from Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands detailing your purchase and price.

Your purchase of EuroSim will always include a EuroSim license and possibly additional licenses related to EuroSim addons. For the EuroSim license we need you to fill in its license form and send it to the EuroSim helpdesk (esim-support @ eurosim.nl). The applicable terms and conditions are available on this page as well.

In response to your signed and agreed license form, the helpdesk will start preparing your delivery. You will receive an account on our secure file transfer server on which you can find your counter signed agreement and the software packages you requested. This account will remain available as your portal for any secure downloads.

If you purchased a complete EuroSim system, the helpdesk will order the computer, install EuroSim and any agreed interface cards and drivers, tune and verify the complete system for guaranteerd hard realtime performance and ship it to your facility. Please be aware that depending on the delivery time of the computer this process can take up to 12 weeks.

If your purchase included EuroSim addons, the helpdesk will initiate the ordering process and when available provide them for download in your account on the secure file transfer server. Please note that the EuroSim Addons are not owned by the EuroSim consortium. The EuroSim helpdesk will facilitate your purchase to provide a one stop shop service and assure you receive the versions that relate to your EuroSim license. Processing of your EuroSim Addons may require additional license forms to be filled in and provided to the EuroSim helpdesk. Please check your selection of EuroSim Addons on the EuroSim Addons pages for their license form and associated terms and conditions.

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