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The EuroSim consortium provides integrated, tuned and verified realtime simulator systems based on Concurrent iHawk computers. The Concurrent iHawk features the RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. The iHawk is in use at various customers of EuroSim, for instance at Airbus Space and Defence Netherlands within the ERA project, and in the Avionics Test Bench at ESA Estec. For further information and advice on popular models in projects, please contact the EuroSim helpdesk.

Supported Interface cards: With EuroSim Mk5.3 a new mechanism is introduced to allow the user to glue (program) the connection from interrupt source to the realtime scheduler. For simple IO solution, for instance analog and digital IO this is not required, but for more complex interfaces such as Mil1553 busses this is essential to time the reading and writing on the interface card. The main other piece is that reading and writing to the interface card does not block or contains unpredictable or large latencies. For some cards the flue and even userland interface libraries are included as examples in EuroSim (e.g. AIM Mil1553 APX). This approach allows the user to decide from which source to procure interface cards. Of course the OEM driver can be used, in which case the user should verify the interface and real-time constraints with the OEM. More reliable options are to procure interface cards from either Concurrent in the form of PCI/PCIe cards or to procure hardware interface front-end solution from Airbus Defence and Space, the latter especially for more integrated and extended spacecraft protected solutions:
  • Airbus Defence and Space front-end solutions. Airbus Defence and Space develops front-end / interface solutions for application in their space projects. The solutions include lower cost front-ends for development systems as well as solutions that include additional protection to avoid stressing the Spacecraft under test in Assembly Integration and Verfication. The latter results in 19inch racks that integrate the simulator and front-end systems and other component to form so called checkout systems as for instance shown for Gaia under Applications. The front-end systems include analog and digital IO as well as complex busses such as Mil1553, (space)CAN,SpaceWire.
  • Concurrent Computers interface cards. Concurrent Computer Corporation supports many cards that fit into the PCi or PCIe bus of the Concurrent computer which may include tuned hard real-time drivers for the Redhawk operating system. The list of available cards can be found on their website (ccur IO card list). In principle these cards should be usable from EuroSim simulators, however this has not been checked and in case of interrupt handling the user may have to "glue" a EuroSim Event Handler to the userland library and driver provided by Concurrent. Please contact the EuroSim helpdesk for further advice as we may have customers already using specific interface cards or may be able to provide further insight on the required interface effort.
Procurement: The customer can purchase the Concurrent machine and EuroSim license seperately, but if preferred it is also possible to order a completely integrated system vi athe EuroSim consrtium. EuroSim system can be ordered via the EuroSim helpdesk (esim-support @ eurosim.nl). The consortium will order the machine, install EuroSim and execute our test suite to verify the performance. Subsequently the machine will be shipped to the customer's premises. If required, the consortium can tailor your installation and integrate interface cards. The total time from ordering the machine untill delivery to the customer is at most 16 weeks. Prices are available on request. Please see our How to purchase page for more information.

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