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EuroSim Roadmap

This page provides information on the EuroSim release policy and planning of upcoming releases.

The EuroSim Consortium generally provides a major release every two years at the Simulation in European Space Programs workshop. Due to a shift in dates of this workshop we released EuroSim 5.3 in 2015. We intend to be inline with the workshop dates for our major release in 2017 again. The major release often hav a theme, a direction, in which improvements are made. In the past EuroSim Mk3 series for instance introduced a complete new set of GUIs. The Mk4 series extended capabilities on simulator integration. The current Mk5 series extend EuroSim in the area of Object Orientation. Mk6 that we are curretnly working on will integrate embedded EuroSim as well as extended support for hardware in the loop in the use case of AOCS development.

In between major releases, minor releases occur, with timing mostly driven by the need for new features in projects. Often these developments are early steps in the direction of the new theme for the next major release. The users and their projects add new capabilities, but most of the time these are too project specific. The next major release theme then is inspired by the needs and developments from the minor releases and creates an imlpementation in a more generic and extensive approach. Please check this page regularly when you are targeting for a specific release as minor releases can shift due to changing project needs. The current version is EuroSim Mk 5.3

If you have a current maintenance contract you can request free upgrades from the EuroSim helpdesk.

Upcoming releases (last updated March 2014)

  • EuroSim 6.0 - Anticipated February 2016 - Major upgrade

    The EuroSim Mk6 will as usual finalize the Mk5 developments with any last improvement requests, and set a theme for Mk6. Currently we are adding features to support hardware in the loop for AOCS development as well as integrating more support for Embedded EuroSim related to the Embedded Training projectsof Airbus

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