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EuroSim Papers & Presentations
This page provides a listing of papers and Presentations related to EuroSim developments in chronological order.

  • 25-09-2012: SESP2012 EuroSim Mk5 Product Presentation
    • The new Eurosim Mk5 suite has been demonstrated at SESP. The following presentation provides an overview of the new products and services that are introduced with Mk5: (presentation).

  • 26-04-2012: ESA/Estec Final Presentation Days Software Division April 2012

  • 20-05-2011: DASIA 2011

  • 04-10-2010: SESP 2010
    • EuroSim Strategy, Developments and Features (presentation)
    • Tool-based Analysis of Space Domain Simulators (paper)
    • Flexible Hardware In the Loop Configuration in Spacecraft Test Benches (paper)
    • OpenIGS 2:A Non-intrusive Middleware Framework for the Integration of Application and Simulation Components. (presentation)(paper)
    • Automated Working Environment for Test and Simulation (AWETS) (paper)
    • Push and pull of SMP2 compliant models (presentation)(paper)

  • 12-9-2008: SESP 2008
    • The Gaia Real-time Simulator (RTS) and Avionics SCOE (presentation)
    • SMP2 Developments in EuroSim (presentation) (paper)
    • The EuTEF Simulator Model: A Hybrid Implementation for Operations Training and Validation (paper)
    • ECSS E40-07 Demonstration Simulator

  • 6-11-2006: EuroSim Workshop at the SESP

  • 7-11-2006: Presentation of EuroSim paper at the SESP 2006

  • 10-10-2005: EuroSim presentation at the EGOS Workshop @ ESOC