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EuroSim Papers & Presentations
This page provides a listing of papers and Presentations related to EuroSim developments in chronological order.

  • 25-09-2012: SESP2017 The Euclid Simulation Facilities
    • EuroSim Mk6 is applied in the verification facilities for the Euclid mission as the platform to establish closed loop capable Software Verification Facilities as well as Hardware in the Loop facilities. The simulators based on EuroSim provide a harmonised set of verification systems to facilitate the verification of the Attitude and Orbit Control System develop by Sener and Airbus Defense and Space Netherlands for the Euclid Satellite and its mission to map the geometry of the dark universe. The paper explains the facilities developed and the harmonised use of these facilities in the project life cycle, designed to opmize reuse and comparibility of results on the different facilities. The reuse is enabled by the new Model Reuse Architecture and Front-End model extensions that are integrated in the new 6th generation of the EuroSim platform. (presentation) (paper).

    • 25-09-2012: SESP2012 EuroSim Mk5 Product Presentation
      • The new Eurosim Mk5 suite has been demonstrated at SESP. The following presentation provides an overview of the new products and services that are introduced with Mk5: (presentation).

    • 26-04-2012: ESA/Estec Final Presentation Days Software Division April 2012

    • 20-05-2011: DASIA 2011

    • 04-10-2010: SESP 2010
      • EuroSim Strategy, Developments and Features (presentation)
      • Tool-based Analysis of Space Domain Simulators (paper)
      • Flexible Hardware In the Loop Configuration in Spacecraft Test Benches (paper)
      • OpenIGS 2:A Non-intrusive Middleware Framework for the Integration of Application and Simulation Components. (presentation)(paper)
      • Automated Working Environment for Test and Simulation (AWETS) (paper)
      • Push and pull of SMP2 compliant models (presentation)(paper)

    • 12-9-2008: SESP 2008
      • The Gaia Real-time Simulator (RTS) and Avionics SCOE (presentation)
      • SMP2 Developments in EuroSim (presentation) (paper)
      • The EuTEF Simulator Model: A Hybrid Implementation for Operations Training and Validation (paper)
      • ECSS E40-07 Demonstration Simulator

    • 6-11-2006: EuroSim Workshop at the SESP

    • 7-11-2006: Presentation of EuroSim paper at the SESP 2006

    • 10-10-2005: EuroSim presentation at the EGOS Workshop @ ESOC