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EuroSim Help Desk

Although the use of EuroSim is well documented in the User Manual, there will be occasions where the answer to a query or the reason for a particular error condition cannot be found. The EuroSim Help Desk provides the means of getting a rapid answer to such technical queries to reduce the time spent in trouble-shooting. The Help Desk can be contacted by telephone during office hours or by e-mail.

In the case that a potential bug has been found, the helpdesk will file a Software Problem Report. This Software Problem Report is the input to the Software Review Board and will trace all succeeding steps that are taken by the EuroSim developers. In the mean time the helpdesk will search for workarounds to alleviate the impact of the SPR on your work. For Blocking SPRs, the EuroSim Software Review Board can order the release of patches or patch releases. Most often however, customers are best helped by solving the SPR in a next upgrade. The helpdesk will address such issues with the customer when the SPR is filed.

Taking out a maintenance contract for EuroSim ensures that support is available from the Help Desk. (3 month free maintenance included wiht every product purchase). The helpdesk can be contacted at:

EuroSim Product Support:
telephone: +31.(0)71.524.5550
fax: +31.(0)71.524.5498
Email: esim-support @eurosim.nl

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