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How to purchase EuroSim Services

If you are interested in purchasing services as part of your EuroSim product procurement, please follow the procedure on the product procurement page. The provided questionnaire starts with selecting the product and then continues with defining the services you would like to include. The questionnaire allows us to quickly process your preferred package and respod with a quotation.

  • If you would like to purchase maintenance to gain the benefits of support by the EuroSim helpdesk as well as provision of patch releases, free upgrades and ability to transfer licenses, you may need to repair the missed maintenance and incur a processing fee. Maintenance is intended to be taken directly after purchase to benefit from the services. It is possible to repair the gap between the original purchase date and the date of maintenance request by paying for the missed years of maintenance at the current rate of the product and an associated fee for processing your maintenance request and updating our customer support system.

  • If you would like to purchase training then this is possible at any time. The EuroSim courses are provided on a class basis and on a person basis. Purchasing a class provides you the flexibility to define the time frame within the limits of availability of facilities and teachers at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. It is even possible to teach a class at your premises, though we have found that the quality of the course is higher when taken at our premises due to availability of proven systems and the addition of specialty lectures provided by consortium members on EuroSim applications and Addons. Individual participation is also possible. The consortium will run courses open to individual subscription when at least 4 participants are available for a particular course. The EuroSim helpdesk maintains a list of interested individuals, please email the EuroSim helpdesk to be added to the list. Classes are available for 2000 euro per course day, additional travel and subsistence charges apply for training at your site. For individual training, participants can take part in open courses for 500euro per course day. For more details on the courses, please see the EuroSim training pages.

  • If you would like to purchase consultancy to have EuroSim experts to work with your team in building your EuroSim application, then this is generally provided on a time and material basis. Please contact the EuroSim sales representative to be able to determine the time frame and capabilities needed. The sales representative can determine which of our engineers is the best person for the job and subsequently discuss the contractual and pricing details. A dedicated contract will be setup to define the provided service.

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