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EuroSim Maintenance

Adding maintenance to your EuroSim license provides essential support for a succesful application of EuroSim. A maintenance contract ensures that support is available from the Help Desk for all your questions tnd hat work arounds or patch releases are created for you to ensure you can quickly continue when you encounter a problem. Besides the essential support of the helpdesk to resolve questions and problems, maintenance also provides you free uprade to the latest version of EuroSim and allows you to transfer your EuroSim license to another computer to support upgrade of your hardware.

A maintenance contract ensures that any regular updates to the EuroSim product will be received. Currently EuroSim releases a major upgrade every 2 years, and up to 1 or 2 minor versions in between per year depending on the need for new features by projects. Patch releases occur more frequently and are defined by the third digit in our release number. Patch releases are made to solve a problem for a specific user, but are available to all users once created.

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