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About EuroSim


EuroSim has been developed under an incremental delivery scheme, in close cooperation with a group of expert end-users. Both the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and the European Space Agency (ESA) are actively supporting the development of EuroSim. This on-going development is being performed by a consortium of Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, Altran Netherlands and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre, and will result in future releases with even better real-time capabilities and further enhanced functionality.

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. is the Netherlands major player in the space industry and a leading participant in European and other international simulation projects. Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands simulation technology was derived from the control systems technology originally developed for spacecraft attitude and orbit control systems.

The unique competencies in Real-Time processes with Operator- or Hardware-in-the-loop, Instructor/Operator Systems, Distributed Interactive Simulation and Installation and Maintenance of comprehensive training systems make Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands an internationally valued partner/subcontractor for training and simulation systems.

Netherlands Aerospace Centre (Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium NLR) is the central institute for aerospace research in the Netherlands. Since 1937 NLR is an independent non-profit organisation that provides technological support to aerospace industries, to operators of civil and military aircraft, of airports and of ATC systems, to authorities and to international organisations, all over the world. NLR is a customer-oriented research organisation, working under national and international contracts in projects concerning aircraft development, aircraft operations, air traffic management and space technology. Depending on the project and the customer's preferences, NLR acts as sole contractor or as main contractor or subcontractor collaborating with other institutes or industries. Work under contract totals about 75 per cent of NLR's activities; NLR's programme for basic research and development of research equipment, funded by the government of the Netherlands, amounts to about 25 per cent. NLR has two main establishments, one in Amsterdam and one in Noordoostpolder, Flevoland. Over two-thirds of the staff are graduates from universities or technical colleges. NLR owns a variety of research and test facilities and it holds an ISO 9001:2000 / AQAP-110 quality assurance certificate and several calibration accreditation certificates.

Altran Netherlands B.V. has a long history in technical automation in general and space in particular. The origin came a.o. from BSO but in fact many companies specialized in technical automation are at the basis of what has become Altran Nederland B.V. Until 2009 the company was a division of Atos Origin, an international information technology services company. Beginning 2009, the Atos Origin Technical Automation division merged with Nspyre. Finally in 2016 Nspyre was acquired by Altran, an international groep that is active in over 20 countries. Currently Altran Nederland employs 1000 engineers specialized in software and systems engineering in the field of technical automation.

The service package of Altran covers the whole range: consultancy & project management, development and engineering right down to SLA-based management. It is done on a project basis or through secondment. Each customer assignment requires an individual approach and as a result we use various business models (fixed-price, fixed-date, time and material, risk/reward). Our passion for technology can deal with any challenge!

The competence of the group is in requirements engineering, real-time systems engineering, simulation and training systems, visualisation, traffic management, and development of enabling technologies. The space activities include support for spacecraft operation, simulation, training, validation and verification, command and control, crew support systems, and multimedia applications. In the context of the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), Altran was involved in the development and exploitation of several large ground support equipments, including EPOS at DLR (Germany) and EPOS-X at DGA (France). These facilities have proven to be crucial in the final pre-flight validation of the ATV spacecrafts.

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